I started using Obre oils on my clients for the first time about a year ago this month. My clients were so shocked and amazed at the difference, and while I am confident in my skills as a massage therapist, it was Obre oils that really set me apart from my colleagues in the same area. Now I actually have people coming in from nearby areas just to get a massage on my table. I sell Obre oils now, and just by looks alone, they make great gifts. But once they have a massage and I tell them that’s what I use, it seals the deal.


I started using Obre oils after my massage therapist friend recommended it to me. He gave me a free bottle of the gold oil to try out at home, and ever since then I’ve been hooked. I buy it through him every time, and I get a bottle with every one of his orders. My skin is beautiful, and it has a new glow. I would definitely recommend any of these oils to anybody serious about really improving their skin.


I used to always have breakouts of back acne after I got a massage. But they had to use the oils, and with my favorite therapist, the massages were so good that it was worth the sacrifice. But then my massage therapist started using Obre oils. One day I went in, and for the first time I came out without feeling like my back was still greasy, and then I noticed that my back had not broken out for the first time ever. After that, I commented on it and since then she uses nothing else and I also buy my own bottles for use at home.


My girlfriend loves Obre oils. We started using them in our massages at home, and though we’ve never been a big fan of oils in general when it comes to massages, this is definitely the exception to the rule. We now look forward not only to the massages, but also to the oils involved, which is definitely a first in our household. We give the bottles as gifts at Christmas time and for other holidays that require gifts, and everybody we’ve given them to loves them as much as we do.


I would definitely recommend Obre oils. I use them in my own day spa and I also resell them to customers that come into my shop. They have made a huge difference in my business. I have been able to actually buy a shop instead of renting one now, and it always helps when I don’t feel like my hands are covered in thick grease and when my customers don’t feel like their backs are covered in said grease. It has changed the experience, and I won’t use anything else.