Fruit Massage Oil

Refresh your skin with Natural fruit oil

There has been a lot of attention paid to the top 10 superfoods. But there are actually a number of foods considered to be the world’s healthiest foods for the body, skin, and mind in general. Our fruit oil uses 2 of these healthy foods including strawberries and lemons. They are both recognized in part because of their high vitamin and mineral content and in part because of their powerful antioxidants.

With strawberries and lemons in the mix, you of course get the moisturizing, balancing, and anti inflammatory effects of our powerful carrier oils. But the signature fruits allow you to additionally strengthen the immune system, destroy bacteria, and get rid of free radicals for greater benefits. You therefore prevent excess breakdown of collagen and elastin, and you can also purify the blood, reducing the recurrence of allergies in some cases.

With this combination, you can expect amazing results. It can be easily massaged into the skin, whether during a professional massage or in the comfort of your own home. This fruit oil provides a certain luxury others just don’t, and there will be no end to the improvements and benefits in general.